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Inspiring development - Studio Psicologia Esposito

One key of success for a working team is cascading development down to reporting lines.

Consolidation of learning makes internal processes stronger and more efficient, and one way of doing it is the middle management to be trained to push (transmit) the knowledge down to their organizations. That’s a super crucial chain ring, that must be consolidated in the future going forward.

We all know that development comes from either capability or desire to growth but the impact of these two is not equivalent, where desire can but surely considered like of the biggest reasons of failure of what ever development or coaching process taking place.

Yet a step ahead is to make these managers able to stimulate the desire (or at least the interest) to learn, getting passionate of the way to follow, by making understandable which is the vision behind and, more important, the final destination a team wants to achieve.

Make the training efficient is important but no enough; the trainee should see what this is part of, the bigger picture should be cascaded down in a transparent way. Learning is not just getting some awareness, rather being part of a journey towards success.

Every single coach or mentor should transmit this vision and make it shining through passion.

This increases the possibility of success by 70% of development projects.

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