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We usually associate punctuality with education or respect.

That’s correct, but what’s really behind? Is it just a matter of respect?

It is important not to underestimate this important attitude as it strongly impacts team organization nevertheless its financial performance. An important asset that is composed by some important skills that all put together can lead to a good level of punctuality.

First it’s a matter of planning capacity that includes many traits such as connecting items together, thinking outside of the box and the capacity to prevent what can usually happen within a certain business.

Then there is an other important trait which is part of the emotional intelligence, that’s is the empathy, thus the capability to do something for the others (put themselves in others shoes) as not being on time is for sure not affecting in a positive way who is next to be met. And here is much more then just respect.

Anything else? Yes, I would also mention using the right tools at the right situation, as the correct selection of which tool fits the most, can also concretely impact the possibilities to be on time or not.

As a meeting organizer it is important (where possible) to understand to what extend this trait is developed within an organization, as well as how the different cultures deal with punctuality; so strait away we may have 2 possibilities, blaming for not being on time or trying to develop this trait….in the meantime prevent what delays are more likely to come and then use that time to do something else…

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