Why not measuring distances in emotions?

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What makes a challenge worth?

We could say, it should bring us to something never experienced before, when business merges with life, when you see hope into your collaborators eyes and you feel responsible to make this happen.

So emotions may come whenever having a clear vision of success.

Success requires us to steer to business excellence and this takes a long lasting journey with problems, failures, through negative drivers that might keep us away from success.

Business excellence begins when teams experience the emotional side of daily duties as well as the pride of being part of that teams which experience a common way of running to reach the shared goals; heart takes us farther then brain.

Excellence brings the organization to deliver an higher quality level at reasonable costs.

Three fundamental ingredients of excellence are stable processes, passion and common responsibility (between manager & his/her collaborators).

As an example of common responsibility, every single manager to increase their collaborators self confidence instead of just blaming when things go wrong…then will they care of company’s success after being blamed?

Off course a matter of emotional intelligence, but brain is not enough to stably turn problems into opportunities that what team should be led to experience.

So again, spreading these ingredients all over the organization rises the winning culture.

Winning culture makes every single day an unrepeatable experience that makes distances unbelievable, yes worth living.

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